A Woman’s Dismay!

From here the words start:

We live in a society poisoned so badly by the self obsession of the world that it has even forgotten the principles and the ideology it was built on. Respect and honor, dignity, integrity is all but fancy words to them. Woman! An important part of our, not only our but the whole worlds life, is now under the very dangers of disrespect, honor killings, birth kill, unwantedness and sexual abuse. In this modern era (by name only) women are just seen as entertainment, sex objects, cravings for the desperate, nothing more, nothing less. A woman is actually a shadow, an entity, a reflection of God himself. Ranked next to God the giver of life. She provides the mean to the mere survival of mankind yet she’s abused, recessed and ignored. Kept only as an oppressed slave in this modern era. In other words being born as a “Woman ” is a curse to live by. Restrictions and fetter at every step. Taking one step forward puts those 100 steps back. Families or a group of ruthless people precisely don’t want a daughter because they feel insecure with this idea and want a son to carry on their generation. And if destiny’s unfortunate and a girl be born she’s buried alive, killed or deserted they do what they deem fit. The appetency for a son has become so strong that if there’s a girl still in the womb she’s aborted, MURDERED! Uneducated countries that are prone to disbelief and foul enigmas are hell bound to these atrocities. The women in these countries are seen as pawns of the male dominant society. Laws against these crimes are made fun of by powerful individuals that have no regard what dignity and honor is, they themselves are low life critters of the society that have corroded our humanity, have eaten away all the ethics, morals, and proprieties that once stood against these ungrateful dwellers. The generation that’s so consequential to our cause is being destroyed. I fear we might fade away in the darkness of night. As the day has been long lost…




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