From here the words start:

In a world of billions, in a crowd of souls, withering and dying I could seek her out without a sweat. She’s not normal; the one I think of. She’s special, has an aura around her. That highlights her in the abysmal darkness of this world. I feel as if seeking her has ever been my destiny. But being with her was never written on account for me. That place is someone else’s that I wish the best. But I still hope, despite all the dismay and hopelessness that I could be in her heart, doing my best to actually make the best of the worst of it. But my luck ran out a long time ago. Since the day I saw you never has any another lady crossed my mind. You have forever been the warmth of my heart, the focus of my subconscious, the mere happiness of my dead soul living in the hollowness of your love, enriched by desire for you. Fueled by the love I have stocked for you for as long as I could remember.






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