FASHION;Back to Basics.

Fashion is an art of wearing clothes. Always remember that you are not wearing clothes to impress others. You are wearing clothes because you want to wear. Your clothing gives you confidence in walk and talk. I have seen many people who are wearing amazing clothes but they lack in confidence, they think about how they are looking in front of others? Believe me, if you can’t satisfy yourself than you can’t satisfy others. Everybody wants to be attractive, catchy but only few know how to be? Returning back to basics, you can follow these simple steps to be an eye-seeker.

  • Wear clean clothes.
  • Always dress simple.
  • Avoid layering(two or three shirts at a time)
  • Wear combination of colors; your cone cells differentiate colors and send image to the brain. The more colorful the picture it creates the more beautiful you will look.
  • Wear matching things (watch, shoes, bracelets etc)
  • Combed hairs, hairs add beauty to your look.
  • Use good scent.
  • Think before wear.
  • At least watch yourself once after leaving the house.
  • Wear a sweet smile; smile is an icing of your cake.

All the above mentioned points will help you to gain confidence while wearing and to be a catchy personality.




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