For me my journey was trodden with difficulties. No matter how strong I stood I took a fall nevertheless I couldn’t get up, without lagging behind in my duties, When someone came. This someone is to be kept nameless, too precious to be spoken by unworthy ones. This someone was a sight for my sore eyes. Made me feel secure, made me feel warm in the cold nights, and broke the eternal silence that had been cursed upon me by my challenges. Like those little twig cracks in the middle of horror some, dark nights. This someone came with a lamp that showed me what I was missing around myself. The little things that I ignored or overlooked in my way, this someone highlighted them. Soared me up like a free escaping helium balloon into the free open sky, Where even no limits have no limits, And keeping me down in time of hubris and pride. Wound with me in a bond of such beauty that puts everyone who gazes at it in anguish. That person is a mix of all. C R A Z Y, S O F T N E S S, A N G E R and all there that exists. I am speechless. I want to say a thousand more things but I fail to compel with this task as I feel that even with all the words I could come up with , will still leave a hundred gaps opened that can only be filled by the place they have in my heart, A place that once taken then is forever theirs.

“I Thank You For Your Friendship.”




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