Your beauty is as pure as gold. You are a flawless example of God’s creation. Your life is like a beautiful dream which one never wants to break. I wonder how you don’t fall in love with yourself when you see yourself, I know I did. Your hair is so shiny that make stars kindle. Your eyes are much deeper than the oceans. Diamond radiance fades in front of your smile. Your lips are like rose petals. That spot on your cheek is like a ripple in water that captures heart. That dimple is like an endless cave. Your skin is more velvety than cream that everyone wants to taste. When you talk it seems as water is flowing calmly from a clear path. Your heart is much stronger than mountains. You are like a perfect verse of poetry. You are a walking angel on this earth. My words become meaningless, my tongue loses control, I am unable to think, my mind struck after watching you. In short for me you are the complete definition of beauty.




2 thoughts on ““ESTI FRUMOASA”

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