“I WANT ….”

Have you ever seen a mirror? I know this is a silly question but have you ever noticed it carefully? I bet you have never. A mirror always sides with you whether you are happy or sad. It looks crystal clear but instead it is rough. A mirror always shows you in your galore even with all the dirt. It always shows you as complete even if you have flaws. You are reflected from every little bit of it. You can share your tears with it. It never laughs at you whenever you fall. It always helps you to look more beautiful everyday and to face the challenges with a smile. It never leaves you, not even in the darkness. It is always ready to give you back your hi-five. It always gives you hope that you can still do better. It never speaks of itself and always listens to you. It has no change no matter how hard the time is. It always wants to see you happy.

I want to be your mirror. Not a lot I can do but I’ll be something to you.



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