This is a beautiful story of a king and his minister.

Whenever anything would happen, the minister would always tell the king “la’alahu khair” which means “perhaps there is something good in it”.
The King started getting annoyed with his minister, because every time something would happen; that was always the minister’s response.

Once they were on a hunting trip, the king had an accident where his finger was cut off. They rushed back to the palace, the minister said “la’alahu khair”. The king got furious and had reached his limit. So he angrily said “How can there be any good in me losing my finger?!” He bellowed and threw his minister in jail. Just before going to jail, the minister said “la’alahu khair”.

The king went back to his hunting expedition alone in the rainforest. Suddenly, he was kidnapped by a savage tribe that wanted to sacrifice him to their idols they were worshipping. Just before sacrificing him, one of them noticed that he was missing a finger. Fearing a bad omen, they let him go! So the king went back and had his minister released from jail and told him what happened.

He then said, “Well I discovered what was good in my finger being cut off, but what about you? What was good for you being in jail?!”

The minister replied, “Your highness… had you not thrown me in jail, I would have been with you. Had I been with you, they would have sacrificed me instead of you!”

No matter how bad the trial/problems a true believer faces, there is always something good behind it, no matter what! We must always believe that Allah intends good for us, n trust His plans.

Allah Ta’ala says: “And it may be that you dislike something while it is good for you; and it may be that you love something while it is bad for you.” [2: 216]

May we be of those who endure our trials with a beautiful patience!



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