Have you ever thought about a life without that special one? I know you haven’t, because you don’t want to lose that person. You want to share all your laughter with that special person. Say, if one day you sleep and you know that person is sleeping beside you. You are happy and satisfied because the one you hold dear is by you. You wake up the next morning and that person is not there. You get out of your bed. You think that person is playing tricks with you. You call his/her name. No reply. You call again but in vain. You call louder and louder. You become worried, you start looking for them, when you fail to find that person. All dismayed and dishearten, you settled down and tears roll down. You cry until your eyes turn red. The love for that person, picture in your heart never fades. You wanted to cry again but you can’t. You get tired and fall asleep. You got up, you felt much better. You washed your face and started your daily routine. This routine filled your mind but your heart remained empty.

Whenever you find time you start thinking about those beautiful moments you have spent with that person. You can’t remove them. Your every attempt fails. You fail because you can’t remove them or not wanted to. You get old but these echoes not. One day you leave this world but these echoes are still with you. Life is certainly of four days but life never stops whether your loved ones remain with you or not.

“Life is the biggest mystery to be solved.”






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