“History of Ghoraywah”

Decades ago, in Hindustan (India) there lived two Rajput (cast) brothers who were the only one who had wealth and large areas of land. The younger brother used to work hard in the fields, while the elder one tended to other pressing matters, as to help other people with their troubles. Both worked hard and with cause. Later both the brothers had been married. The wife of the younger one was greedy but dumb. Her husband was a normal straight forward guy and easily fell for her tricks. She used to manipulate him and spew hatred for his brother by saying that “You are the one who works day and night, tirelessly in the fields while he does the easy work and lives on your hard earned money, you should ask him for your equal share and leave him be to go your separate ways.” The humble guy fell into her oily tongue trap and asked his brother for his share , the elder one was a wise and a good man , he replied that it was all his but the younger one insisted under pressure from his wife that the property be separated between the two , on which the elder brother gave him a ‘ghora’ (horse) and told him that from dawn to dusk he’ll have to ride the horse through all their land and the land that he covers shall come in his share and the younger brother agreed to it. He rode and rode hard, Village after village he crossed and by dusk he had gone through seventy-two villages that came under his name. The Rajput’s from these villages are called “Ghorawahiya” and the villages are called “Ghorahwah “. The people from these villages today are the descendant of those two brothers.



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