Chin up babes! I know you are hurt. This world will never listen to you. They will never understand you. You have to walk alone, some journeys are meant to be made alone. Stop sharing your feelings with the people who don’t have a heart. Some are deaf even though they can listen. Don’t waste your tears on these useless people, stand upset your mascara and start your work again. I know it is hard to face them, look into their eyes. You have to show that you don’t know them. It is better for you to forget them. Time will heal all the bruises. New things will fill your mind. You have to show that you can live without them. Remember that nobody stays with you forever and you were sent alone in this world. Your priority was not to satisfy them. You have your own dreams to fulfill. Keep your eyes towards the stars and walk on the ground. Your success will prove you. You need yourself more than you need others.




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