We hold in things. Things that if we say could wreck havoc in our pitiful lives, things that are worth a thousand expressions, but are forced upon merely a few words. The things itself do not state an alarm, but when spat out at certain times and certain people. They could tear down the deepest of love that ever existed between those souls. It’s said ” Wise people know when to speak and when not to “. I, in my opinion contradict that proverb. What are these wise people? Where can one seek them? How do they know what to say what, or to whom? These are just made up thoughts of the weak to hold in their thoughts, cowardice to face the truth. Little closure they find in these utter sentences. A load they think they have left behind, they still carry unknowingly but it still lays there deep in them. That’ll surface up, with a mountainous regret and remorse. So, then they’ll realize that letting out what you have in yourself is beneficial, far more than you can imagine. If not, it’ll eat you away like termite eating through wood. And it’ll leave you hollow from inside, a space that’ll take as close as eternal happiness to fulfill.



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