Chin up babes! I know you are hurt. This world will never listen to you. They will never understand you. You have to walk alone, some journeys are meant to be made alone. Stop sharing your feelings with the people who don’t have a heart. Some are deaf even though they can listen. Don’t waste […]

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“The Obsolete Femininity”

I wish I could swipe clean my memory of witnessing femininity. You revived it darling, so breathtakingly; an absolute gentleman was ruined by your Innocent shenanigans, brought down on his knees and blinded by the urge to beg for mercy from all the supreme forces. My dear cancer stick, I’ve been nicotined by you, your […]

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This is a beautiful story of a king and his minister. Whenever anything would happen, the minister would always tell the king “la’alahu khair” which means “perhaps there is something good in it”. The King started getting annoyed with his minister, because every time something would happen; that was always the minister’s response. Once they […]



Have you ever thought about a life without that special one? I know you haven’t, because you don’t want to lose that person. You want to share all your laughter with that special person. Say, if one day you sleep and you know that person is sleeping beside you. You are happy and satisfied because […]


“I WANT ….”

Have you ever seen a mirror? I know this is a silly question but have you ever noticed it carefully? I bet you have never. A mirror always sides with you whether you are happy or sad. It looks crystal clear but instead it is rough. A mirror always shows you in your galore even […]

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We do what we do to survive. No matter what good or bad it brings to others. We hide it all. To achieve we must first accept how we fared till here. By achieve I do not mean what we have now, the riches, the galore etc. We got that through filtering out rights only […]

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Your beauty is as pure as gold. You are a flawless example of God’s creation. Your life is like a beautiful dream which one never wants to break. I wonder how you don’t fall in love with yourself when you see yourself, I know I did. Your hair is so shiny that make stars kindle. […]

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