The “Best Reward” is Jannah, and “even more” is looking upon the Face of Allah, as that was explained by the Messenger of Allah (PEACE BE UPON HIM), as was narrated : “When the people of Paradise enter Paradise, Allah will say, ‘Do you want anything more?’ They will say, ‘Have You not brightened our […]

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You want love? To be cared for? Makes me wonder how do you expect me to do all this with nothing to start with? Have you ever said a word of closure to me? Have you ever CARED for me? Looked out for me? Remembered me in your times of happiness? No you always remember […]

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“I WANT ….”

Have you ever seen a mirror? I know this is a silly question but have you ever noticed it carefully? I bet you have never. A mirror always sides with you whether you are happy or sad. It looks crystal clear but instead it is rough. A mirror always shows you in your galore even […]

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We do what we do to survive. No matter what good or bad it brings to others. We hide it all. To achieve we must first accept how we fared till here. By achieve I do not mean what we have now, the riches, the galore etc. We got that through filtering out rights only […]

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Your beauty is as pure as gold. You are a flawless example of God’s creation. Your life is like a beautiful dream which one never wants to break. I wonder how you don’t fall in love with yourself when you see yourself, I know I did. Your hair is so shiny that make stars kindle. […]

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For me my journey was trodden with difficulties. No matter how strong I stood I took a fall nevertheless I couldn’t get up, without lagging behind in my duties, When someone came. This someone is to be kept nameless, too precious to be spoken by unworthy ones. This someone was a sight for my sore […]

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FASHION;Back to Basics.

Fashion is an art of wearing clothes. Always remember that you are not wearing clothes to impress others. You are wearing clothes because you want to wear. Your clothing gives you confidence in walk and talk. I have seen many people who are wearing amazing clothes but they lack in confidence, they think about how […]

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